Boxwood Tiles in Harmony with Zen

japanese garden

One of the hidden gems in our home town is a Japanese Garden.  I took some time to visit and bring along our Eazy Ivy product.  You see, there’s nothing stopping you from building your Zen through artificial ivy products.  It was harmony between today’s artificial boxwood tiles and the true nature of Japanese plants.

As a person who enjoys gardens as much as I do selling Eazy Ivy products, I’m in Zen.  You should be in Zen too.  Take time to view your garden.  Think it through and see where you can utilize boxwood tiles.  I think you’ll find that it blends in right away.  And you will simply feel the peacefulness of Zen.   The core heart of philosophy in the Far East.  And of course the peacefulness of having your own boxwood tile design.

If you are interested in Eazy Ivy boxwood tiles, please contact us at or call us 510-760-4175.


Customer’s Creative Faux Ivy Fence

Fence 1 (002)

It’s hilarious.  So much so that I’m actually posting their photographs.  Betsy called me asking if I had enough Ivy rolls to cover her fence around her building.  Luckily for us, we kept them in stock.  The Easy Ivy PN 8030 covers 10 ft by 5 ft, making it the largest coverage we have available.  What we didn’t know was that they had plans on adding print out of celebrities to make their fence a bit more interesting.

Sending me photos directly, they asked if they could get a couple of more Easy Ivy rolls to finish their project.   We were in laughter.  It’s definitely worth sharing.  If you have your projects available to share, send them our way.  We’ll gladly share them with the crowd.