The Journey Begins


We get phone calls all the time.  You don’t get along with your neighbor.  Your neighbor is a bit nosy.   Or perhaps you simply want to increase the value of property.   EZ-Ivy caters to that need.   You see, with a simple visible enhancement, your home or your commercial property simply becomes more easier on the eyes.

The product is simple.  We have a variety of products either set up as a roll or as a tile and you simply zip tie the products to the fence.  If it’s a wall, you utilize tiles and set the EZ-Ivy in a very clear and precise presentation.

Our products are utilized in a variety of applications.  It may be a restaurant.  It may be a hotel.  It may be the inner city where graffiti is a constant problem.   EZ-Ivy works in those aspects.

If you are interested in EZ-Ivy products, just inquire directly at 510-760-4175 or email us at   We’d love to hear from you.  And when you are complete with your project we love to hear about it.  Send us the photos.

-EZ-Ivy Marketing